Presidential Search Committee

Dear Rensselaer Communities,

Following Dr. Jackson’s retirement announcement, we must now begin the difficult task of identifying a successor for the presidency of RPI who can follow and build on Dr. Jackson’s initiatives and many accomplishments. Accordingly, I have empaneled a search committee, which will be chaired by Trustee John Kelly, to undertake and lead us through this process. The committee will be assisted by Witt/Kieffer Inc., an experienced search firm in this area.

The members of the search committee are:

  •  John E. Kelly III ’78 G, ’80 Ph.D., Trustee (Chair) – IBM EVP (retired); former Director IBM Research and the “Father of Watson”; Member National Academy of Engineering; Chair, Board of Trustees Academic Affairs and Research Committee;

  • Arthur F. Golden ’66 B.S., Trustee – Senior Counsel Davis Polk & Wardwell; Director of Emerson Electric (Executive Committee, Chair of Finance Committee, former Chair of Governance Committee); Chair, Board of Trustees;

  • Wanda Denson-Low ’78 B.S., Trustee – Senior Vice President (member of Executive Council) of The Boeing Company (retired); Vice Chair of Board of Trustees; Chair, Board of Trustees Audit Committee;

  • Curtis R. Priem ’82 B.S., Trustee – Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer (retired) of Nvidia; designed the first graphics processor for the PC; Secretary of Board of Trustees; Chair, Board of Trustees Pension Committee;

  • George Campbell Jr., Trustee Emeritus – President Emeritus of The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art; theoretical physicist at Bell Labs; Director of Mitre Corporation; Director (retired) of Consolidated Edison Inc. and Barnes & Noble Inc.; former Chair ,of Board of Trustees Student Life Committee;

  • Gary T. DiCamillo ’73 B.S., Trustee – Managing Partner of Eaglepoint Advisors; Director of Whirlpool Corporation; Trustee of Boston Science Museum; former Chairman and CEO of Polaroid Corporation; Chair, Board of Trustees Finance Committee;

  • Linda Pitzi Jojo ’87 B.S., ’92 M.S., Trustee – EVP Technology and Chief Digital Officer of United Airlines Holdings Inc.; Director of Exelon Corporation; Director of Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago; Member FAA Management Advisory Council; Captain Women’s Basketball Team; Chair, Board of Trustees Student Life Committee;

  • Jeffrey L. Kodosky ’70 B.S., Trustee – Co-founder of National Instruments Corporation; inventor of LabVIEW software technology; Member of Electronic Design Engineers Hall of Fame; Member of Inventors Hall of Fame; Chair, Board of Trustees Advancement Committee;

  • Mark M. Little ’82 Ph.D., Trustee – GE Chief Technology Officer and Director of GE Global Research (retired); Director of Analog Devices; Partner of Material Impact Fund; Board Chair of Ellis Medicine; Chair, Board of Trustees Administration and Infrastructure Committee;

  • Kathryn I. Murtagh ’87 B.S., Trustee – Chief Compliance Officer and Managing Director for Sustainable Investing, Harvard Management Company Inc.; Director of Women in Enterprise;

  • Daniel Pickett III ’90 B.S., Trustee – Co-founder, President, and CEO of aptihealth; founder, Chairman, and CEO of nfrastructure; Director of Albany Medical College and Albany Medical School; Chair, Board of Trustees Institute Diversity Committee;

  • Jackson P. Tai ’72 B.S., Trustee – Director of Eli Lilly and Company, MasterCard Incorporated, and HSBC Holdings plc; Director of the Metropolitan Opera; former Vice Chair and CEO of DBS Group Holdings Ltd. and DBS Bank Ltd.; former Director of Royal Philips NV, Bank of China Limited, Singapore Airlines, NYSE Euronext, and ING Groep NV; Vice Chair, Board of Trustees Finance Committee;  

  • Curtis N. Powell – Vice President for Human Resources; with over 40 years of experience in human resource management;

  • Jonathan Dordick – Institute Professor; Howard P. Isermann Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering; Member of the National Academy of Engineering; Special Advisor for Strategic Initiatives;

  • Evan Douglis – Dean, School of Architecture; a globally recognized leader in the field of architecture and technology with over 30 years of experience;

  • Shekhar Garde – Dean, School of Engineering; Fellow of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineers and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS);

  • Susan Gilbert – Professor, Biological Sciences; recipient of the 2014 Rensselaer Distinguished Faculty Award; Fellow of AAAS;

  • Prabhat Hajela – Provost; Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and the Aeronautical Society of India;

  • James A. Hendler – Tetherless World Senior Constellation Professor of Computer, Web, and Cognitive Sciences; Director of the Institute for Data Exploration and Applications; Director of RPI-IBM Center for Health Empowerment by Analytics Learning and Semantics; an originator of the semantic web; Fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration;

  • Emily Liu – Professor, Mechanical, Aerospace, and Nuclear Engineering, incoming President of the Faculty Senate;

  • Erin Amarello ’15 B.S., ’21 M.S. – Plant Manager for The Timken Company; President of the Union (2015); Captain Women’s Lacrosse Team (2014 and 2015);

  • Kareem Muhammad ’01 B.S. – Director of 747, 767, and Out of Production Fleet Chief Office of The Boeing Company; 2018 National Society of Black Engineers Distinguished Engineer of the Year Award; Past President of the Rensselaer Alumni Association.

As a Rensselaer community, we are fortunate to have a search committee with such broad and deep experience as well as a complete commitment to our Institute. And, as this is an open –  but confidential – search, if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions for the committee’s consideration, please direct them – in written form – to John Kelly and Curtis Powell.

Our Board of Trustees looks forward to their recommendations beginning later this year.


Arthur F. Golden ’66, Chair, Board of Trustees


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